Please do your research before contacting us about our prices on our Poms,

I raise quality dogs and quality does not come cheap! All my dogs are tested with either Pawprint or Embark DNA Genetics

All my sires and dams are OFA health tested starting at 1 year of age.

Although my prices are lower then most they still are not cheap! I have raised Poms since late 1998 and I can't even tell you how much money I have spent on my dogs over the years. This is not a cheap hobby! Please consider that before contacting me.



Pet Puppies
While we do not breed to produce pet puppies, we do occasionally have puppies available as companions that did not meet our standards for show dogs.  Typically they will be between 3 months and 1 year of age.
Our Pet puppies come with:

  • Health Guarantee through 1 year of Age

  • Vet Checked between 8-12 weeks of age

  • Parents are OFA Health/Embark genetics checked and recorded with OFA

  • Limited AKC Registration

  • Up to date on vaccinations (age appropriate-DHPP, Rabies if they are 6 months)

  • Microchipped

  • Lifetime Breeder Support and advice from my 19 + years experience.

  • Prices starting at $2500-3500

I do not keep waiting lists for Pet Puppies.

Show Puppies
We occasionally have show prospect or show quality available to select homes for breeding/showing. If you want a Dreamweaver puppy for show, please contact me ahead of time and be prepared to wait.  I typically only breed 1-3 litters per year.  And if you are interested in something for show from our upcoming litters,or from our available page please fill out the Purchase Application and state which litter and sex.  Keep in mind, we rarely have females available to show homes, because we usually keep the small amount we get.  We evaluate puppies at 8 weeks old, but they are not placed in homes till they are 12 weeks old. 
Show Prospect/Show Quality are priced at $4000 and up depending on age,  pedigree, sex and color.

Retiring Adults
In order to keep our numbers low and provide our dogs with the one on one attention they deserve, it is sometimes necessary for us to place an older pom in a home where they will be the enter of attention when they are retired from breeding. These typically are girls that are retired from our breeding program around 5 years of age and spayed prior to placement.  These are not kennel dogs, I keep my dogs in the house as pets.
Retiring Adults are typically priced around $800-1500 depending on age, which includes spaying/neutering.

If you are interested in a pomeranian from Dreamweaver, please print and fill out our

And either scan and email or snail mail

Nothing Available At This Time

We are a small hobby breeder striving to breed show quality poms. We only breed a few litters a year. Our goal is to produce genetically and temperamentally sound Pomeranians that meet the American Pomeranian Club Standard.  Every litter is planned months in advance.  We are breeding for ourselves for the show ring so we won't have many puppies available all the time. All of our dogs are AKC registered, and we register all of the puppies.

Males do make the best pets!  They are more loving, more willing to please, devoted, and they are usually very tolerant and train very fast.
 A male keeps a more beautiful coat at all times (Lassie was a male dog on the TV show rather than a female because of this fact).
 Males cost less to neuter; generally males initial price is less than a female. 

 They need to be neutered BEFORE they know they are a male and start doing the “marking of territory” that they will do
BECAUSE they are a male - neutering at this young age takes that away from them and should prevent starting to mark territory). 

The most important thing to do to your “pet” male puppy is to have him neutered by 6 months!

Be aware that when looking for your new baby you should always be welcome to go to and see where your puppy was raised, and see the parents.  If you're not allowed to do this I would be suspicious of these breeders. Also, be wary of breeders who have a "no show policy",
dog lovers who show and exhibit their dogs at AKC shows are usually very particular about the temperament, health and looks of the dogs since many of the dogs they produce will stay in their breeding or show program, so these qualities are so very important to us unlike someone who is breeding strictly to sell puppies.
*Note-We do not sell to Puppy Mills, Brokers or Breeders who do not show.

Keep checking back (we do not keeping a waiting list on pet puppies)

Our breeding poms are health tested on OFA Patella's, Heart's, and Thyroid,
and results can be viewed on the OFA website


Why Quality Dogs Cost So Much


When inquiring about our furkids, please include some information about yourself, if you are looking for a pet or show, and please include your name!! We do not answer 1 line e-mails.  We reserve the right to place our furkids in the proper home and do require references. 
We also do not place puppies anytime from Thanksgiving to the end of the year,we feel that is too hectic a time.