Dreamweaver Beaded Toy Show Leads

Beaded Toy Show Leads for toy dogs 8lbs and under.  These leads are made out of durable paracord and come in many colors. They can be made with or without a detachable lead, 2 or 3 bead clusters or even without beads. I have many bead combinations, too numerous to picture them all. Let me design a lead for your toy show dog today.

Contact me at LPOMER@aol.com

Leads are $22.00 per lead plus shipping or if you buy 4 or more $18.00 per lead.

Non-beaded leads $12.00 per lead plus shipping

Black Lead
Blue Lead
Brown Lead
Gold Lead
Green Lead
Pink Lead
Purple Lead
Red Lead
Silver Lead
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Last updated 1/31/2020

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